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These are our professional painting and restoration services. If you want to know more, checkout our Gallery


 At Marquez Painting, interior painting has become our specialty due to our relentless attention to detail.  We start by providing you with a free detailed estimate.  We follow-up by using the best paints, the best processes, and taking the time to make sure your room looks magnificent when we’re done.  




At Marquez Painting we understand that commercial painting is unique to your particular business. Your industrial project, whether it be a factory, assembly line, machine shop, warehouse or other building has special needs and distinct challenges that aren’t normally encountered.





Nebraska’s weather is a nightmare for exposed wood, so it’s important to properly protect your deck, playground equipment, and fencing. Every summer your deck has to endure baking in the relentless summer sun, only to find itself covered in frozen rain and under a foot of snow a few months later.  These extreme conditions cause the wood protector to fail every few years.